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Dear users,

Here are the general rules applicable to the whole community, please read them carefully :

1. Common sens Rules

  • Respect other users, including their privacy. Publishing without the permission of another user's private content is prohibited.
  • All languages are allowed InGame and on the appropriate common channels of Discord.
  • The character's name must not contain any insults, hateful, racist or defamatory statements towards a person, a nation or a group of people.
  • It's forbidden to post insulting, hateful, racist or defamatory messages, regardless of the chat channel in play.
  • The dissemination of content of a sexual, pornographic nature or praising terrorism is not tolerated.
  • Respect the law in force in your country and in your residence place.

2. Security

  • The Staff will not be involved in the case of theft following an account or items sharing. You are the only responsible.
  • No member of Staff is authorized to ask you for your password (including Administrators) and you are under no obligation to provide it to anyone.
  • It's prohibited to impersonate another user (player or Staff member).
  • Every speculation about the identity of a Team SunWay member is punishable by a permanent ban on all your accounts.
  • Never give your account data, your passwords, email adresse or phone number to anyone.

Please keep your privacy information to yourself !

3. About the Player vs Player (or PvP)

"Player vs. Player" (PvP) aspect of the game is allowed in all areas not covered by protected areas (safezones) and is subject to the following rules:

  • It is forbidden to harass another player in such a way as to permanently prevent him from playing. Harassment (in PvP) is defined by :
    • Following another player on all channels with the intention of causing him prejudice.
    • The Chain Kill in the City ("Restart in the City" zone)
  • It is forbidden to steal nominative items on the ground by chain killing.

4. Private shops (players' shops)

Price scams are strictly forbidden, the scam is defined in particular by one of the following criteria :

  • The fact of putting on sale several similar items, including one with a different and much higher price than the rest of the items.
  • The fact of putting on sale an item with a price visually similar to the average market price or close to the average market price by adding one or more zeros (0) in the price.

5. General Rules

  • Using external programs interacting directly or indirectly with the client and which may alter the way of the game is prohibited.
  • Using macros (whether via software integrated into a peripheral or third-party software) is prohibited while you're absent.
  • The sale and exchange of characters or accounts is prohibited (whether in or against any other virtual or real currency), the seller and the buyer will be permanently banned from SunWay.
  • The sale and exchange of objects for real money is prohibited, the seller and the buyer will be permanently banned from SunWay.
  • It is forbidden to be part of real money sale/purchase groups.
  • It is forbidden to take any advantage of a game bug.
  • Messages, links which promote another game or any professional or commercial activity that is not part of SunWay are prohibited.
  • All players have the option of creating as many accounts as they want and using them simultaneously.

Any screenshot (In Game) submitted to the Staff must be in the following format and comply with all of the instructions written therein.

Staff reserves the right to refuse any non-compliant screenshot.

6. Events

  • It is strictly forbidden to interfere with the proper functioning of an event.
  • It is strictly forbidden to prevent another player by any means from participating in an event.
  • Each player must respect the instructions of the team members during the events (automatic or supervised and/or organized by the team).

7. Sanctions

Team SunWay reserves the right to study breaches of the rules and to take sanctions against those responsible, in particular by means of a temporary or permanent exclusion.

When your account is banned by a team member you will be notified by email. If however you do not receive the email :

  • Remember to check your spam.
  • Check that you have not set up specific filters that may block incoming mail from SunWay.

In the following case, do not hesitate to contact us to find out the reasons for your ban.


This rules list is not exhaustive and can be interpreted by Staff members according to each situation. It also may undergo changes, so you have an obligation to inform yourself regularly.

Finally, do not forget that anything that is not explicitly prohibited is not necessarily tolerated.

If you have any problem or questions, please do not hesitate to contact a team member at any time.

We wish you a pleasant game on SunWay :saint:

SunWay Team

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